3D Finger Mapper


The 3D Finger Mapper evolved from the sort of 2D finger maps that I have used for years. As a teacher or student you may have encountered sketches like these, designed to help the player understand how to space fingers according to a particular key.

The 3D mapper is different in a number of important ways:

  1. The student is actively involved in creating the patterns using the magnetic buttons, and if they make a mistake they can easily correct the configuration. The student’s thinking is made visible and they are encouraged to take more ownership of their learning.
  2. The 3D nature and accurate scaling of the tool mean that several layers of abstraction are removed, allowing for more seamless translation into performance. 
  3. There is a tactile element – the student can place their fingers on the buttons to feel the relative distances – tones, semitones, augmented intervals, etc.. 

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